Wanted a 40 or 42 tv cheapest price would like a 3D if under £500

    If that could be done would be great i know must be a full HD and a 1080 whatever that means as i know people run aon about that being better than a 720 is it!? Bf moved out taking tv so must get one with the few pennies i have saved up

    Thanks for any help in advance you guys are great


    so you want 1080p but dunno what it is or does?
    buy one that does 1440p instead

    Original Poster

    no need to be sarky lol

    sorry, it wasnt meant to be. its just so many people go uninformed or misinformed as to what they do or don't need with TV technology.

    do you have or want a blu ray, PS3 or want to use your TV as a PC monitor?
    if not, the whole 1080p thing doesnt make any difference whether you have it or not.

    people used to buy TVs on the strength that it was a good quality picture, lifelike colours, great sound, a good brand name.
    now all they care about is that its not the dreaded plasma or that its got a certain no of pixels.
    its what they've been told they must have or people will judge them.....

    and as a salesman, we're as guilty of it as the pub/taxi driver expert.

    quite difficult to find a 3d tv under £500 but you can find plenty of 40"+ tvs for less than £500 depends what you want to be fair you can get a 42" tv for around £300 for a basic set and anywhere up from there depending on what features you want from a tv
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