Wanted: A black mirror

    It's amazing how hard it is to find something so simple, I just need a cheapy mirror (like the plastic ones you get in the £1 shop) but it needs to be at least 5inches by 5inches and it has to be black (or, at a push wood that can be painted black). I'd like to pay as little as possible, like a quid, but will go up to about a fiver.

    Any ideas? either online or suggestions of places to look offline? even ebay links are fine...

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    Having tried to find a reasonably priced wooden frame myself, I don't think you are going to find a wooden framed mirror for that price. However, I have bought wooden picture frames from a £ shop (but for more than a £) and used them for photos. Perhaps you could try that, paint it black and fit a piece of mirror glass.

    Alternatively, sometimes charity shops have wooden frames with naff pictures that you could replace with a mirror. Finally, make a frame (I know, easier said than done).:roll:

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