Wanted a cheap 2nd hand used computer recycled desktop pc

    Hello i remember seeing a link for a website that sell pc's for around £49.99!

    I only need the tower/desk top they did come with xp but i dont need that. Would say p4 with 512 ram.

    I can find 2nd pcs for 200 and thats a joke!

    This is my first post so be nice!

    Thanks for reading and helping.



    try ebay?

    where abouts are you?i have 2 towers that i may be selling

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    where abouts are you?i have 2 towers that i may be selling

    Im in sunny Kent! I see your in Wales?!

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    try ebay?

    Ebay they want a lot of too little! Plus been burnt last time for £260 got it back with paypal but still have a bad taste....

    Thanks anyway

    lol why does it say flint as your area

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    lol why does it say flint as your area

    Think its changed now?

    ahh it says location kent but still says flint under your name,never mind good luck finding a pc

    Lol thats his status because he's new, like you are a flame thrower and I am a solar flare.

    I have one for sale but I guess its over your budget (asking £100) but its ]here if you want a look

    Edit - ooh, you'll be a solar flare quite soon too, nice one

    lol cant believe how stupid i am at times lol

    Lol :-D I can see why you would make the mistake though, your not too far from Flint...

    no about 40 mins away

    This link has a few cheap pc parts why not make your own?…ia/

    got an old HP desktop basically just the case, motherboard, AMD chip guess it 2500 or something, on board video, XP ... if you like can come and collect and throw me like a tenner should be ok. the only thing is I live in trefforest

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    Why is everyone in wales? Why is the seach on this site so bad? Why does it always rain on me?! LOL

    Thanks for everyones posts still hoping some one will know the link to the cheap recycled desktop pc for sale!

    Did see one last night on ebay but my mate forgot to bid for me! I was watching my free film! I love Seefilmsfirst! Got another one tonight! Bucket list was very good!



    Ive got an pc i was going to pop on ebay. With no hard disc though. Will take offers we are based in bedfordshire! Sorry the pictures not great, pm me if you are interested. :thumbsup:
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