Wanted a GPS Navigation System

Found 12th Jul 2007
Could anyone tell me which is the best GPS car navigator?
value for money

please send me some best deals


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I can recommend the tomtom range. Try ]here for the cheapest deals. They have a new model coming out I think, which uses voice recognition.
Having just recently bought one - they are a tricky thing to get honest opinions on. You only have to look through some of the threads here to find fans of TomTom, Garmin, Navman. It can be difficult to get objective opinions.

Which did a recent test of them. Their best buys at the cheaper end of the market were the Tom Tom one (about £150), the Garmin Nuvi 300 (about £150) and the Road Angel Nav 6000. I ended up purchasing a icn750 from Tesco direct (for £150). Use froogle ([url]www.froogle.co.uk[/url]) and [url]www.pricerunner.co.uk[/url] to help find the cheapest deals.
I run tomtom on my Palm Treo 750v and my Nokia E70 - I also use the Bluetooth GPS adapter from [url]www.blueunplugged.com[/url] and it's fantastic.
Imho Garmin tend to be the "best" and tend to score well in the reviews I've seen. I put this down to the fact that they are the only ones out of the big boys in consumer level sat nav who also make professional and military grade stuff, so that expertise filters down into their consumer products.

TomTom on the other hand has a bit of the iPod and Dyson effect, they're not necessarily the best but they have the brand recognition and people tend to buy them because of the name.

That said different models compare differently, your best bet is to to find a model/models you like the look/price of and then find some online reviews, a quick Google search will dig up a tonne of review sites. It's also worth popping into your local independent specialist where you should be able to have a play with some and see what suits you best.
I've used a fair few GPS units and I still revert back to my tomtom ONE V2.

I don't need maps of Europe, a MP3 player of bluetooth handfree calling capabilities so alot of the higher priced stuff is over kill.

If your looking to use the GPS in the Uk alone, want fast responce time and want to save a buck, do a search for tomtom ONE!!!!!

Damn I sound like a sales guy :oops:
I confused with TomTom One GB & Navman F20 & Garmin NUVI 300,

Which is the best for simple UK use only?

Can't say which one is best but the F20 is about £30 cheaper than the others. Cheapest for the Navman is about £120 from [url]www.handtec.co.uk[/url] plus delivery or you could just get it from Argos for £130. Which mag gave the Garmin a score of 88, the TomTom 86 and the F20 67.
I have a VDO Dayton fixed DVD system, a Tom Tom Go 910, a Garmin i3 and a Road Angel 7000. They all have their plus and minus points. One person will find one make better than another. Sometimes the hardware is crap and other times it's the user who needs reprogramming. Best bet is to go and play with them all and see which one is most intuitive for you.
Anyone know of a cheap bluetooth gps receiver I could buy, below £20 but not an ebay one?
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