Wanted - A Javascript expert - will pay!

    I'm looking for some help in getting some Javascript working, and was wondering if there are any javascript experts on here.

    In a nutshell, I'm trying to get Javascript working with Titlviewer & Fancybox. There is an option to link to a webpage on Titlviewer that is setup from an XML file (linkurl="...). I want to use Fancybox to show the content over the current screen when the link is pressed. The link works in standard html but not in XML?!!? Driving be mad.

    I just need this XML to talk to the Javascript, and it isn't doing it no matter what i've tried.

    If you really know your stuff on Javascript/XML, can you give me a shout? I'd be prepared to send over some beer money for your help?


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    You may get help from one of these. Good … You may get help from one of these. Good luck a look to see if this is the kind of thing you mean, you need to scroll down to the bottom to see the expert advice

    Have looked all over google for the past 3 days with no joy? And that question on Expert Exchange is mine?! lol :whistling:

    Am really now just needing to get this sorted before Tuesday so desperate for anyone that can help me out. I'm sure it's a really simple issue, but I'm not too great with XML or javascript.

    why not put up your code here that you are having trouble with and see if anyone can help?

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    Yeah no worries will put in the next post. As you might be able to see, I need the linkurl to call the javascript function, and include the jpg to display.

    Hope that makes sense.

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    Javascript code in the head tag (fancybox files installed locally)

    This is the XML code that works with Tiltviewer


    My Image Title
    My Image Description.


    My Image Title
    My Image Description.

    I have a phone number of someone who might be able to help. I had a few problems with basic web building and ths person was recomended to help. Might be worth ringing him, I will pm you it now
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