Wanted - a nintendo wii 2nd hand

    Hiya thanks for looking, i fancy buying another wii, i had one when they first came out and it was fab then it was ok then it was never used, so i sold it, im back round to thinking they are good again as there are a few more games so fancy getting a second hand one if i can for the right money, i will need it to have at the very least, sports two controllers and two nunchucks

    let me know what you have and how much you want

    oh im from the pontefract area and can travel about an hour to collect if suitable



    This should be in the for sale/trade forums really, might be best to contact a mod and get them to move it for you as you'll probably have more views in there..

    Original Poster

    contact a what? how on earth do i do that? i figured it might need to be in there but its a deal request so popped it in here

    If you click on the red triangle by the side of your post it will allow you to report it - it says it should only be for bad posts but I don't think they mind you using it in cases like this. It might just be easier to repost in that forum!

    FYI, deal requests is really for people looking for new things from shops/websites, wanteds go in the FS forum, bit confusing I know

    Original Poster

    thanks for the help. i expired this thread and re submitted a new one in fs/trade
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