Wanted: A small usb keyboard

    I know A lot of us have 360's, there must be someone out there who (like myself) would like to type messages quicker . I know they have the 'chatpad' thingy, but £25 is a ripoff, anyone got any ideas on a small, cheap, usb keyboard???


    Not sure what size you mean when you say small keyboard but there is ]this one at svp which is smaller than a normal size keyboard.

    have a look on ebay seller: ian505050, i bought 1 from there its awesome

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    cheers for the replies, checked out the ebay sellers...but roll-up keyboard don't really work well on your lap. I might go for the svp one though, and just for referrence that was about the size I am looking for!
    Just checked the postage though...damn svp!

    Yes that is the only thing that put's me off at svp is the postage. Ok if you are ordering a few things then you don't mind as much. My son has that same keyboard and it is good and compact. At least even with the postage is is not too expensive.
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