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Hiya after getting a laptop for partners dad but don't know whwre to start. They like to go on net but tbh it will mainly be for playing games they go on pogo and play scrabble etc and pay to download them onto their computer. Their computer can't handle some of them.They all play pc games off disks such as cluedo and bookworm.
Ok they also want to be able to go on word etc...... will this be on ort will i have to buy this?

This is like a one off purchase, would prefer to pay now rather then buy it an d 6 months down the line not be able to play a game.

Upto £500 really although between 300-400 would be better.

Can anyone help out or am i well off the mark.

I have seen one on pc world on tv for £350.. also some on dell ads.... tesco online?

would really appreciate some help. thanks


unless they want to play newish 3d games, like far cry etc. then almost anything will do. you need to consider things like if they'd need a larger hard disk, and what size screen etc.

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ok ty
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