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So I am affter a replacement for my N95 which I will be selling on sunday and my choices are down to the following

Nokia N82
Noka 6220
Sony Ericsson c902i
Iphone 2g

What does anyone recommend or have personal experience of contracts not really wanted unless a good deal and 12 months.


Iphone easy the best gadget i have ever purchased- brilliant interface, everyone who has seen my phone in action wants one, its an ipod a phone video player a great organiser and with the app store just introduced full of new utilities and its now also a games machine, people may **** off the camera but it takes a v good simple picture, if you want an brilliant picture buy a real camera. £99 +£35 a month may be expensive but for what you get its not.

I advise you to put this in the Misc section. lol

Features go for nokia's, they have all the features but sometimes dont have the easiest to use interface

the sony ericsson I'd stay away from as the c905 will be out with wifi and fantastic camera around christmas. BUT if your not bothered about wifi and a stupidly good camera then thats a smart, well built, good looking phone with all the features everyone expects.

iPhone's are good, owned one for 2 months but didnt like the camera, found it difficult to text using a QWERTY as you have to look at the screen all the time where as a 'normal' phone I find I can look away and still continue writing a text. I also prefer using buttons to screen taps. All the above can be forgiven because it has the easiest to use interface ever, amazing software support too BUT the one thing for me was picture messaging, it doesnt have that and I cant live without it and capacity wise its a love or hate thing. Also storage you'll either think 8GB is too small or you'll think I'll never fill it.

As for the tariffs thats the network provider, you wont get any bargains with the iphone but may do with the nokia's and the sony ericsson.

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hey nffc are you looking forward to life in the championship. I have booked my day off for september to watch my beloved reds beat argyle

I can't speak for the others, but with a N82, you have a brilliant camera with a xenon flash, GPS and wifi.
You can make phone calls on it too.

As long as we stay up and Andy cole not a donkey then yes might enjoy the season, Enjoy Argle I won't be making that long long trip again in a hurry

moved to Misc.

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why, do u have bad memories of argyle
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