Wanted advice on T Mobile Sidekick 3 mobilephone

Found 13th Jan 2009
i am after this mobile phone Sidekick 3 for my cousin and know it is only available in the US. I do know some people do use it in the UK but the question is
where can i get one from (looked on ebay but all come from US which i do not want) and also if it is unlocked will all the phone features work??
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It'll work as a phone.
For everything else you'll need to find the settings (MMS, internet, wap, even where the message centre number is for texting, they'll all need changing as they'll be preset for T in the US).
UK networks won't have a clue what these are (trust me, I used to work in tech support for one of the networks).
If you can find all these setting and IF you can work out where they go, yes it might work...
No one sells this over here, so it's going to have to come from the US...
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