Wanted, advice please: Something cheap, reliable and portable to play training dvds on for courses

    Hi everyone!

    My husband is a fork lift instructor and as such has to play lovely training dvds (yup, the type with folk from 'That's Life', this time driving fork lift trucks). He has a portable tv/dvd combi thing but it's a ballache to lug around from place to place with everything else he has to take.

    He had thought about laptops but they are quite dear and as it's still quite early days (2nd year trading) we can't quite stretch so far. Very far at all in fact, seeing as I'm a stay at home mum. Can anyone suggest something which may be suitable to play dvds on which has a decent sized screen and is cheap? Even a really cheap laptop with a good sized screen I guess?

    Being technically challenged, I just don't know what's out there. I had thought about the portable dvd players you get in the car but the screens are probably too small as he has a crowd of sometimes up to 6 folk to play them to (only on certain things, usually it's 3, before anyone RTITB minded jumps up, lol!), and he still needs to be professional. Having everyone huddled round one of those might not be so cool.

    All advice very welcomed, cheers folks!
    Best wishes


    They have 17" laptops at pcworld from £289 refurbed-if you order online use quidco(not sure which of the chain is offering quidco-currys, dixons or pcworld)
    If you dont like it you can return to store for a full refund

    Original Poster

    Thanks folks, will check those out. TV would come in useful for new but very old caravan too if it has freeview and dvd player! Excellent.

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