Wanted AGP Graphics card around £40-50

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Found 27th Aug 2006
I require a AGP graphics card around the 40 or 50 (don't really wanna pay much more than that as already have a deposit down on a PS3) quid mark. To be honest I know little about graphics cards but know that my current a ATI Radeon X300 128mb ain't too good. Some games I play slow down in the middle of gameplay and all I can really think of is that it's the graphics card as my computer is a'reet bar that Pentium 4 3.2Ghz 1Gig of ram.




My son was having the same problem as you with his Gforce 5200 256 mb..he ended up selling his PC and buying a new one as he didn't fancy paying silly prices for an AGP card to fit in a PC that was always going to have limitations when it came to the latest action games ..such as Call Of Duty 2 and Hitman Blood money.....and COD 3 is due soon so may be even more testing!!!

The October Ccomputer Shopper has a graphics card megatest and the AGP card that scores best at a budget price is the Sapphire X1600 pro at £75 but of course it has restrictions on games like COD 2 which it will run at 800 x 600 with no anti-aliasing.

If you want something that works reasonably well in your price range I guess you'll be looking at the used market.

Sorry to be of limited help.

For that price you should be looking at a Geforce 6600, it will play anything although not at the best settings, you could even try and get a 6600gt for £50 if you look hard enough. Obviously second hand, or for ATI I have seen the x800 range go second hand for about £50.

But sorry I have nothing to offer.

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Cheers for all the advice, I may look at cards upto about £75 if I have to just don't really want to spend all that on something that wasn't really bought for gaming. Just use the PC for online gaming as a find the PS2 online play gets very laggy, and as such am expecting the same from the PS3.

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Turns out from reading all the stuff that came with the computer (only took me a year) that my Graphics card is PCI express, as I am still a computer mong anyone advise me on a decent PCI express graphics card?
Cheers in advance


Well with PCI express you can enter a different league but of course expensive cards tend to be those with the best recommendations.
Again in the Computer Shopper megatest the Leadtek Winfast 7300 GT TDH had a 5 star rating as a budget buy and is only £50 ..not sure where else it is available..you may get a cheaper price than ]overclockers.co.uk
Beware of other 7300s like the SE which are not very good.

Bumming heck I have just sold a PCI-express X1600XT 256mb about 20 minutes after my original post, it went for £60 all in. But as you said AGP at first I could not help you. Talk about bad luck mate. And I live in Durham. You could have picked it up if you were passing.

Right mate, to be honest in your price range this is the card you want:

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=4]OcUK GeForce 7300 GT 256MB GDDR3 HDTV/DVI (PCI-Express) - Retail (GX-040-OK)[/SIZE][/FONT]

Notice that this is the DDR3 version and not DDR2, this is much faster and actually beats a 7600GS. For less than £60 this would be my choice, but make sure you get the DDR3 version of the 7300GT.

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Champion, cheers mate just ordered it. Your not to bad for a Sunderland supporter. LOL


Great choice mate, just been reading up on these cards and in SLI mode they actually kick ass off a 7900GT and a X1900XT!! And these cards are £200+ cards, for two of these 7300GT's would cost just £120, AWESOME!!!

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You may as well be speaking in swahili, all that stuff goes well over my head mate. But you sound clued up so I'll take your word for it.
Keano is your new boss????

Again thanks


Yeah mate, it looks like he is.

We will just have to wait and see what he brings to the club. I personally think it is a crap appointment, after all Bally could not do anything and people said he would kick them into shape, Quinny has not done anything and people said the players would give him respect.

So what has Roy got to offer that these two didn't? Apart from playing under Ferguson? A panic appointmment if you ask me, but for the love of the club I hope they prove me wrong and he takes us straight back up with attractive football.
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