Wanted: An estimate value of my dell 5150

    I know this is an unusual request but its something that i want so i thought it would fit best here I would like to know how much people think that my 18 month old dell 5150 is worth, the specs are:

    Pentium 4 640 3.2ghz with hyperthreading
    1 GB Ram (4*256 PC 3200)
    80GB HD
    8300GS 128mb
    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Advanced MB sound
    Genuine Windows XP Home
    Wireless keyboard + Mouse

    Thanks :thumbsup:

    P.S. I was thinking around 140


    Very little I reckon, Pentium 4's can be bought cheap now, and its only got a 80 gig hd, graphics card I think is ok but nothing special and only 1 gig ram, and even then its 4 small sticks meaning its hard to upgrade.

    Might be lucky and get £150 depending on person

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    Thanks for the quick reply, I had around 140 in my mind which I thought would be about right ... its amazing how quickly pc's depreciate :P

    If you bought a cheap 160gig or so hd you may get a bit more but depending on how much it cost it may just be easier to sell a little less than you want.

    It just depends, if you advertised on local paper and local college/university you should quite easily get what you want!

    As I sold a old celeron 2.6 ghz with 80 gig hd and a 160 gig one and 2dvdrw drives and a radeon 9550 which is far lower spec than yours and made £180 around November last year, I even had texts as much as March this year still asking for it!

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    Thanks for your help, I was thinking about buying the latest vostro 200 deal and didn't really want to spend more then £100 upgrading and so wanted to make sure that i could bring in the 140!

    Forgot to mention it has a lightscribe DVD RW and a DVD drive, not that it makes much difference.

    Might do 2 drives are more attractive than 1, just make sure you mention its a lightscribe, and is hard drive is S-ATA or IDE(if you know what that means)

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    The HD is S-ATA 150, might see if i can find a cheap HD to add in

    Should be in Misc
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