Wanted an outfit for my daughter in the nativity plz

    she is in size 4-5 in normal clothes.
    It needs to be a donkey, an angel or a star.



    Make an Angel

    you need 1 white sheet
    2 lenghts of tinsel (silver and gold)
    Silver/gold/ white shoes

    Cut a hole in the sheet for head to go through

    twist silver and gold tinsel cut into two lengths one to go round waste 1 to wear atop her head

    Put on shoes

    You now have an Angel


    Home bargains selling nativity costumes

    woolworths used to have these such good costumes as well, try online as everything they seem to be selling seems to be the same as instore

    Asda do a star for £5, they also have donkeys and angels for about £10

    Tesco are selling nativity costumes too.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all your help, i might have a go at making on, cos i dont really want to spend alot.

    for an angel last year my little one wore an adults white t shirt (came down past her knees like a dress - so sweet :-D ) which you can get for a couple of quid then hand stitch some tinsle round the neck sleeves and bottom then get you little girl to colour & glue some wings. costs next to nothing and your little one loves it all the more because they made it themselves (almost)

    I think shop bought costumes are rubbish, they take away most of the fun of the nativity play. Most of the cuteness factor is in the shepherds with their tea towel headgear, kiings with cardboard crowns with foil on them, and angels in sheets and tinsel!

    My son was once a sheep and we used ironing board clips to put my small sheepskin rug on his back, and made a sheep mask stapled to a pull on hat. He was hilariously cute.

    Sainsburys have an angel costume for £10 and 25% off at the moment... they had some others, definitely a star, but don't know what others were...
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