Wanted - Any good deals on 2 burner camping stove. Would be great if it includes a grill!

Found 10th Jun 2008
Would be grateful if any one could let me know of any offers about.
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Cheapest two burner one I've seen is ]this at £20.

all I could find ]here

all I could find ]here

Neither of which are two burner :whistling:
they were selling them in our local homebase for £29.99 so may be worth looking there

Neither of which are two burner :whistling:

yeah I know .. didn't read the post properly :oops: am I bad ?

yeah I know .. didn't read the post properly :oops: am I bad ?

You tell me!

You tell me!

believe me I do try my hardest to be...... !! :evil: :giggle:
I saw one in aldo the other day... dunno if theres one near you but it had two hobs and a grill, it is too run off lpg gas i think its called. but it was £29.99
Thanks for the help all... Rep added. :thumbsup:
if u want a grill u will pay money, and u need a gas bottle with a regulator, so more to spend

If u can manage without grill get two euro stoves, they are about a tenner and the gas is less than a pound.

hope this helps
Just picked up the Aldi one. Bargain

*edit* it includes hose and regulator and I already have a suitable bottle
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