WANTED - any old ice hockey /rollerhockey equipment!

    I work in a primary school and am looking to get a roller hockey team up and running! As protective equipment is very important, I thought I would put an ad on here to see if any generous people are willing to donate any old unwanted or unused equipment to give some young children the chance to learn a fantastic sport!

    I am looking for...

    - rollerblades (inline prefered)
    - ice/roller hockey sticks
    - knee and elbow pads
    - gloves
    - any kind of protective helmet (from bicycle to ice hockey helmets!)
    - any other accessories (shorts, armour, etc)

    The children are aged between 7 and 11, so anything suitable to fit their age (or thereabouts) would be incredibly appreciated. Probably largest size of Adult Small.

    Many thanks for your time.


    protection :lol: we used to play full contact american football with no pads in school, many broken bones, good times haha

    anyway this should really be in the FS/T section surely?

    Original Poster

    More protection = less hassle as less chance of something going wrong ha ha!

    You're right, I've put this in the wrong section (excellent start)

    Could anyone move this for me please? Thank you!

    Might be worth posting on your local freecycle - residents may help.

    Original Poster

    Thanks, rep added DragonChris - not thought of that!
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