Wanted - Anyone able to help me out with these Project Management books?

    Studying part time and need the following books but I looked up ebay and Amazon but still going to cost a fortune so if any kind soul has any they want to get rid of for decent price I'd be most grateful.

    Schwalbe, K., Information technology Project Management
    (2006), London,Thomson

    Dawson, C. (2005) Projects in Computing and Information Systems: A Student's Guide.
    Harlow, Addison-Wesley.

    Collison, C. & Parcell, G. (2006) Learning to Fly, Oxford, Capstone.
    Marchand, D. A., Davenport, T. H. & Dickson, T. (2000) Mastering Information Management, Financial Times, London, Prentice Hall.
    Ward, J. & Peppard, J. (2002) Strategic Planning for Information Systems, 3rd ed., London, John Wiley & Sons.


    most libraries have PM books readily available..... if u cant get them cheaper.

    im assuming you wont need them until september and when i've been in college last 3 years studying accountancy the college had deal with publishers if the students got their books in 1 go thru the college we get 40% discount, its worth checking or advertising in your college/university for someone's old text books
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