Wanted approx 600 paving slabs!

Just in the process of revamping the whole of our garden and I am looking for approx 600 paving slabs!

Basically I want a really nice garden for as cheap as possible!

Would love to hear your tips, ideas, bargains etc

P.S - my project is to be completed by 21st July!!!

Thanks guys


contact manufacturer direct or builders merchant you will get a decent discount for this amount

put a plastic membrane dowm under the slabs to stop weeds coming through.
Good advice from ]tonyd19565
Plus don't go with first quote shop around and get them to deliver for Free!!! 600 slab's is a lot they will wan't your order :thumbsup:

Original Poster

thanks guys

the cheapest I can find are £2 each but that is about 150 miles away and you have to pay £1 per mile, round trip delivery!!

I phoned a local manufactor and told him I wanted at least 500 and what would the cost be, he said £420 plus vat including delivery, Ace I though so I said £420 and thats for 500 slabs, he said no £4.20 plus VAT EACH!!!!! Didnt think twice about that then lol still struggling to find any, cant afford each the £2 each without the deliver really, coz then we gotta pay for them to be fitted grrrrrrrr its so not far, i want a nice garden! and all for £6.75 lol

the cheapest i can find is FREE


anything and everything that someone doesn't want you may want.
admittedly it is first come first served.
don't just try your home county, try the surrounding ones as well if they are close by.
everything is free
word or warning, don't subscribe to the email system, you get about 200 emails a day offering anything.

if u use a reputable paving company to do the work for you they will be able to source the materials much cheaper on your behalf....I own a home improvements company in the east midlands and I certainly wouldnt recommend you doing such a large job without prior experience...theres a lot more to it than meets the eye and I should know i used to be a consultant in the civils sector(roads/paving etc) and cheshire county council was one of my clients. Poor quality work cost them over 3 quarters of a million quid in one year alone!


I always find Wickes very reasonable. They don't always have the variety or top of the range quality - but builders always use them.
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