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    My husband passes out on a regular basis, he has no warning when it happens, even though the doctors have said he has no problems with his heart, what ever is causing him to pass out sometimes makes his heart stop, so he had a pacemaker fitted last year (july but they didn't do it right so he had to have the operation again in sept)
    this has not stoped him passing out

    I want to get him a heart monitor watch and the only place I can find one is Argos Internet only - to see if his heart beat is different when he has one of these attacts - as then mabe if it is atleast he might get some warning for when he is going to pass out - as in the past he has badly hurt his face, cut his head and cut his hand (all needing him to go into hospital and an operation on his hand!)

    so if anyone knows of any internet vouchers or codes for argos please - i would be very greatful

    Thanks for taking the time to read and for your help


    Not knocking what your saying but if his heart stops when this happens obviously his heart beat will be different? :?

    Hi there sorry to hear about your husband I dont know if you have thought about ebay for the heart monitor watch but I had a quick look for you and you can maybe pick one up for less than £10 hope this helps


    Should go to the doctor and ask to have an extended ECG - they will fit an ECG monitor until one of these attacks happens and will give a much more accurate reading and you will then have the results looked at by a doctor

    My brother-in-law had a similar condition (although his didn't sound quite as severe!) and the hospital provided a monitor which he had to wear all the time. If this is something your husband needs the hospital should provide it - you shouldn't be paying for one at all. Also I doubt anything you can buy in Argos would be appropriate for a serious medical complaint...

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    we want to find out if his heart is different before one of the attacts

    that way if it is we will have some warning beforehand and then he can atleast sit down or find a safe place - as most of the time he has been standing and has then fallen to the floor

    It has happened in a public toilet and kids were kicking him thinking he was a drunk! was supprised they didn't rob him!

    He has also fallen and smashed his face really bad - have the pictures where the whole side of his face is brused

    we just want some warning before this happens

    We have been under the hospital since FEB 2005 and they do not know what is happening to him - he has had loads of test - wires stuck to his head, a tape, wires stuck all over him, tilt table tests, etc etc
    Also he had a reveal device fitted in his chest to monitor his heart, this was a tape that recorded his heart beat, thats why they put the pacemaker in beacause of the readings they got from this

    Thanks but he can't have a chest strap one because of the pacemaker - and the only place I can find one is argos

    just pm'd you good luck


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    Thread was locked due to I can not ask for people to give me personal vouchers

    so if anyone knows of any discount vouchers or codes please let me know
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