WANTED ASAP hazard perception DOWNLOAD for minibuses pvc

    please help my partner has hs theory test on saturday for his minibus driving think its called pcv- we've bought and downloaded the theory part but i cant find a link for download of hazard erception- they dont sell the disk here and i dont trust postage for saturday. please help


    You don't really need it as it is common sense really, I passed first time and I am a girl!
    It shows things like dogs and kids about to run in road, people about to walk out inbetween cars, schools, built up areas, anywhere there could be danger.
    Good luck im sure he will pass easy as I did.........


    If u dont have any luck try youtube they have some good videos on hazrad perception test.


    Have a look trouhg some videos might be helpful

    Original Poster

    thank you for your replies

    the hazard part is the same for cars and larger vehicles. known from passing my lgv2
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