Wanted Barbie Diamond Castle playset

    Help i am struggling big time to find this anywhere other than the over inflated Ebay .Seems to be out of stock everywhere ...........anyone know where it is in stock. Thank You. I live in wolverhampton


    I've just done a search on here for exactly the same item, I too am desperate to get one and also coincidently live in Wolves.

    They are in stock at (germany) and think they will deliver to the UK.

    I remember last year people were ordering nintendi wii's from there just before christmas. Maybe someone reading this thread might be able to help us?

    I might have a go at translating through Babel Fish but am a bit worried at making a if someone reads this and can help let us know please.

    well i just went through a dummy booking using babel fish, which was easy enough. Total price with delivery is £67.75 . my only worry is the delivery time. Think I'll ask for help to see if any one in the forums knows how quick delivery is.

    Well I just took the plunge and ordered from Delivery expected in about 4 business days. If you do the same i'd recommend doind a dummy booking for something on the amazon uk site at the same time as ordering from the german site as the layout is the same. There is a link in this thread that may help…am/
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