Wanted Best Deals on Canon 40D gear

    Have bought a 40D with kit lens, now looking for a good quality zoom lens to go up to 200-300mm (budget £400) also looking for a decent tripod to hold 40D with new zoom on for water-based sports (budget £100)

    Any ideas would be most grateful... Quite keen on the Canon 70-200 F4 L and like the sound of the Manfrotto tripods but any advice would be welcome


    Check out KERSO on ebay. I use him for all my pro gear. I dont think there are any canon lens cashback schemes on at the moment (check canon online though!), but when there was i got the 70-200 f4 L for £270! Kerso will deal off ebay for cheaper transactions! I love the 70-200f4 ... more than my £1k 100-400!

    I quite like the Manfrotto stuff, might be worth spending a little more and getting a decent ball head.

    All depends how much reach you want,

    The 70-200 F4, Is a good lens, but if your shooting water based sports there is usually a bit of distance between you and the subject.
    You can add an extender but that will give you an Aperture of F6+ which means your Auto Focus wont work.

    The 100-400L f/4.5-5.6 IS would be my choice, I know its about £700-800 but the quality is very good and the IS (Image Stability) is a god send for shooting at distance and in low light.
    This is usually regarded as the Surfer Photog's Lens.

    You obviously bought the 40D because it was the Pro camera within your budget, and it is a damn fine bit of kit, don't skimp on Glass would be my only advice!

    The fact is unless you drop on a lucky ebay Auction you'll struggle to find a decent budget lens with the reach you require, its not lens snobbery its just fact.

    The nice thing about Buying Canon's L series glass is, not only is that the quality is out standing the resale value is exceptional when compared to other makes so you don't have to worry about making a mistake or upgrading gear in the future.

    A good place to look out on is ]The Canon Forums over at photography on the net, they have a market place where canon users sell their used gear, I have found some great bargains over there. You need to register a user name before you can enquire about for sale items, but all in all its a great set of forums for Canon users.

    As far as the Manfrotto stuff goes, its one of the best, but unless you have decent camera and lens combo to put it on you might as well buy a budget one to see you through, not that a decent tripod is not important its imperative to get 'Tack sharp' images but Tripods are easier to get hold of than cheap lenses.

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    thanks for you feedback (rep added) special thanks to celticsun for the time taken... much appreciated, might have to find the extra budget for the long reach L didnt realise I would lose F stop with the extender (this was my plan). I will also check out kelso on ebay... thanks all

    For a 1.4x teleconverter extension tube you'll lose one stop of light and for a 2x teleconverter you'll lose two stops of light as these sit in between the lens and the camera body. There are types that attach to the front of the lens that don't lose any light but these are more for bridge cameras rather than SLRs.

    I'd also recommend if possible looking at lenses in the flesh as I think an important aspect of lenses is making sure you're happy with the size and weight, while some lenses offer fantastic performance they're so big and heavy that many people may not be happy using them.


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    Thanks John good advice, have been to have a look at the 70-200 L F4 lens today, like it a lot (coupled with the 1.4 extender) I am looking to order with Kerso after a very favourable quote. Just need a tripod to go with this setup (oh and a filter for the lens for protection) oh the list is endless!

    I think you will struggle with that combination for sports.

    You will be running at f/5.6 with the extender, coupled with a circular polarising filter which you really want if your shooting water based sports you will loose even more light.

    I appreciate people go with a budget, but if thats the case here why did you go for a 40D and not a second hand 350D and use what you saved on better glass, in the hands of an Amateur Photog (no disrespect) you will see little if any difference in quality of photos between a 350D and a 5D.

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    Thanks for the comments, I liked the bigger grip on the 40D and coupled with the faster burst mode I felt would give me a better base to work from. The F4 L 200mm zoom is a little limited for some extreme situations (and low light) but with the excellent residuals on L glass I intend on giving it a good go and wont lose too much (especially on what I'm paying) if I need to sell on.

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    Bought and received gear from Kerso... Very happy. Also bought Giottos tripod and head (so much better than the manfrotto pound for pound!)
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