wanted: best deals on dvd dual layer discs

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Found 9th Nov 2008
need a good few of these to back up all the HD content i've been getting, the likes of Dexter, Bones etc as my hard disk is starting to crack under the strain.

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These are used a lot for backups, and are 33p a disc, hope that helps


Another vote for Aone disks here. I use them a lot and have only had one coaster.

aone are good ,but the latest ones are very thin,butis a disk i alays use and form about 300 burns i had about 5 **** out on me and that was my burner that had died not the disks.
some say they dont last as long,keep them in a case/sleeve and look after them and they will last as long as u need them.
i buy from scan though as they a little cheaper,only a few pence,but its near me so i collect most of time.
other places to try are
envisiage(stock levels are not always up to date though)
with svp u can get 99p postage every so often so its a great saving when buying alot of disks

dont use datwrite ror bulkpaq they awefull quality

verbs are the best and anything with a taiyo yuden dye

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i cannot believe anyone buys 10 bulkpaq dvds for £16.80!!!!

when the last time this site was updated???

£10.07 for 20 printable dual layer dvd's = wow.
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