WANTED: Best inexpensive Mobile Deal with 3G/Camera. PAYG or Contract.

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Found 5th Sep 2009
I haven't had a contract phone for many years (ever since I sold on my Palm Treo 600) because I couldn't justify the £25-£30 a month for occasional access to the internet and a bunch of minutes/texts that I never used up. Ever!

These days the wife and I are on PAYG Tesco phone plan with a couple of unlocked handsets. However, the wife's old hand-me-down Samsung is on its last legs and we are looking at getting something that suits us both.

Ideally I would like a phone (happy to buy my own up to about £150) that could collect emails, has a decent camera (currently using an Ericcsson K800i), could browse Facebook and be able to install applications on it. GPS and maps would also be a bonus but not a deal-breaker.

I think I spend about £8-£10 a month on my PAYG plan at the moment, with the wife at about £10-£12. However for extra functionality we are prepared to lay out a bit more cash.

It would also be worthwhile if it was free or cheap for us to call each other.

There is such a sea of products and plans out there, that we really don't know where to start and who the best/worst provider is.

Many thanks in advance for any help given.

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Try [url]www.e2save.com[/url]
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