Wanted big deals around?

    Help! Not knowing a lot about TV's in general, I need help! My son will be 18 on Fri and has asked for the biggest TV i can buy, i can go up to 250 max. He uses it mainly to play xbox on but does watch too. Anyone know of any bargains out there? I think it needs to be flat?
    Thanks in advance x



    There you go:oops:

    If everyone was to buy one of these monsters seemingly we would require another 10 (nuclear) power stations, now they are buying them for their sons, why not try a book on the resposibility of adulthood (get someone else to advice, obviously) or carbon footprinting,
    "TV the drug of a nation, breeding ignorance and.............. atomic radiation"

    What is an 18 year old doing playing games ? I'd left home by then !

    Shouldn't he be out chasing girls or playing football ? Or even down the pub ?

    Seriously though, the figure of £250 is a "bad" one as it isn't enough to get a good full HD Tv, so you are buying obsolescence or you don't get a big big enough picture.

    I'm in the same boat, though for my main tv but I'm waiting until I can buy a proper one as I could not bring myself to buy something which would constantly remind me that it just isn't good enough.
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