wanted bike peddles and shoes

    My peddles have broken and thought I would invest in some good quality bike peddles with shoes was looking to spend under £100
    Is there any good deals out there
    Many thanks


    wiggles own brand shoes are really good, got a pair, think they were £48, great reviews

    Assuming you are talking about clipless shoes / pedals (which bizarrely 'clip' together) then you probably need to know there are a number of different types most of which are incompatible with the others. Which to go for is a matter of type of riding and personal taste.

    Off the top of my head the systems are:-

    Shimano (all rounder?)
    Eggbeater (mainly popular amongst off roaders, good mud clearance)
    Look (mainly popular ON road)
    Speedplay (mainly popular amongst rich people (very good, but expensive))

    May have got some (or all) of this wrong, I bought into one system and have stuck with it (eggbeater).

    Luckily most shoes fit the cleats of all different pedals (and when you buy a pedal, you normally get at least one set of cleats.

    Hope this helps

    Original Poster

    I ride about 10 miles mostly on road and little bit alongside the canal was looking for set that includes pedals shoes cleats for about £100

    I've not used them, but shimano are the most widely used / copied, so they are available from a number of suppliers therefore cheaper.
    So shimano own pedals start at around £30, but Wellgo make good copies. The one linked below is a combination pedal, spd (the name of shimano's system) on one side and plain pedal on other.…ls/

    bought these shoes tootsies
    these pedals pedals
    nice and cheap, I ride about 20 miles a day, commuting they have been great so far had em for about six months rain and shine
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