Wanted!!! Black/Silver Flatscreen PC Monitor

Found 7th Oct 2008
Hi, looking for a TFT monitor in black or silver (or both) to match my new computer.

Preferably widescreen, but will consider the older square shaped screen if the price is right!

Must be around 19"
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'Old' square shape = better for webpages, documents and has more space for the same diagonal. 4:3 is unlikely to become obsolete any time soon.

19" is considered small these days so if you're not limited by physical space you might want to consider a 20" (or the 22" which is a stretched 20" and doesn't have any extra space).

How much are you looking to spend and are you looking for very good quality images or just something that'll display stuff?
hp do black and silver monitors hp w2207 is the 22" inch and can be had on the net for about 220 but possibly can be price matched for pc world, will have a look for you and get back to you the screen is height ajustable.

22" argos 219. john lewis 239.99 - HPW2207 or microdirect for model hpw2228h 218
20" dixons 137.97 pc world 159.99 - HP W2007H
19" pc world 139.99 - laskys 139.00 - amazon 139.00 HP W2207V
22 - http://www.ppcomservice.com/images/1188962840/2207.jpg 20 - http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/21OXFFdtq3L._SL500_AA240_.jpg 19 -http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/21OXFFdtq3L._SL500_AA240_.jpg
If you are interested, got a 19" inch Hanns NewYork which I got in April. :thumbsup:
Aria have a load in their SuperSpecials at the moment.

The HP's are nice monitors, but the design of the adjustment hinge means it takes up quite a bit of space. If you have plenty of room this is not an issue of course.


If you are interested, got a 19" inch Hanns NewYork which I got in April. … If you are interested, got a 19" inch Hanns NewYork which I got in April. :thumbsup:

Na, sorry I don't like the look of that one!

Looking for something to watch YouTube , steaming live football, and to view web pages, ideally round the £40-£50 mark for a second hand one!

There was a computer stall up at my local car boot sale last week and the guy had about 12 old Dell 17" TFT monitors and selling em at £40 each, would it be worth buying one of them? It's only really to match my new black n silver pc because I'm currently using a blue pakard bell TFT and it looks daft!

Are the old dell ones any good?
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