WANTED: Blue Reebok Pump Trainers

    I've been searching everywhere online for a pair of Reebok Pumps that I seen in this months issue of FHM (September 2008 with Holly Valance on the cover) but can't seem to find them anywhere.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction on where to find them, or even the proper name of them? I have provided a link to the image of the trainers that I scanned from the magazine.…jpg

    The magazine point to the obvious reebok website but I cant find them there. Any help would be much appreciated.

    //Edit to rename the post to the correct name of the trainers. Stupid me.


    best bet would be to contact Reebok direct and ask? I've done a quick search but can only find the old skool ones. Thats what I would do. Hope this helps?

    this is your mag scan:
    i know you said blue but could that be the blue lighting. anyways this model is called "Reebok Pump Running Dual" it's retailing for £93 or €120

    otherwise this Reebok Pump Court Victory Dual Low in the “White/Black/Blue/Purple” Colorway.

    or this Reebok Pump Court Victory Dual Low “White/Royal/Green”

    btw they're Reebok in your mag not Puma.
    Reebok with Pump Classics Bringback – Pump Running Dual – the same as in 1989. Just in new color ways. ]Sale: 77 €

    better piccys here.
    [url][/url] shop in stockholm.

    Original Poster

    Wow! Thats excellent Kippy! Many thanks. Some serious rep from me! Not sure about those colours though. Have you managed to track down the blue coloured ones?

    Maybe they are limited edition.

    yeah maybe limited edition -->holly valance. the latest one is the closest i could get to your blue, i still think it's a blue light effect m8.

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    I might try and contact them directly to enquire. You have definatelly found the right style of shoe. Hopefully I'll be able to get hold of the right colour now. The shoe in my scanned image appear to have red pump button and red matching soul bit which I haven't seen in any of the pictures so far. This makes me think that its not just a blue light effect.

    Thanks for your help mate.

    just had a thot, sometimes the mag people might be able to help, no harm dropping them an email.

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    Rubbish! I email Reebok customer services and got this response.

    Thank you for your recent email. Unfortunately, this item has been … Thank you for your recent email. Unfortunately, this item has been dropped globally, therefore, we are unable to provide any stockist information. We are sorry for any disappointment caused but would like to thank you for your interest in the brand.

    It's a shame, I thought they were pretty funky. Apparently not though.

    they are ugly

    get these

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