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Found 21st Aug 2008
Hi i am about to get PDA that has Tomtom installed but it will require a GPS, I would like one that has the best battery life possible please any ideas?
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mobilefun.co.uk/pro…htm I've had this one for about 2 years and found it excellent! The battery is the same the older style Nokia ones and lasts about 10 hours but there doesn't seem to be any reviews for it (there were loads before, mostly 5*s)?


mobilefun.co.uk/pro…htm (perhaps the reviews have somehow been transferred to this product?)
I use this one with tomtom on an dell axim PDA - battery lasts about 30 hours.


Never had any problems with it although it must be pretty old now (I've had mine about 2 years) so I assume there are better models out?
I have an official TomTom Bluetooth GPS with my PDA. It's very useful, get's a signal / satellite quickly and works very well with WM5 or WM6.

Here's a link to mine: tomtom.com/pro…=99
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