Wanted: Blyk Invite Code

    Would someone be kind enough to send me one.

    Also would i be able to keep my older number when switching to a blyk sim?




    I need an invite also, you are able to keep your older number, you just need the old network's PAC number so you are able to transfer the number

    I think you can just get these form the blyk website now?

    edit: no, they dont
    but will be grabbing some codes as soon as i can remember my passwords..
    but they aren't so good now they onyl have £15 credit, gets you about half as many texts/calls as before

    edit2: It seems they now will only let me give invited out every so often, not 5 per month as before.
    sorry guys, the new changed were worse than i thought


    got a blyk chip its rubbish now scince it changed.....


    no you cant

    They dont seem to be giving out invtes right now, I have never invited anyone, but it says I have 0 invites.
    I will keep looking over the next few days, as soon as I can I will invite you. :thumbsup:

    i tried to get a invite for a freind using my blyk sim and it told me that i have 0 invites. i asked a couple more people i know and they also get the same message. i think blyk are not taking any more people right now.


    blyk are not giving out invites anymore


    blyk are not giving out invites anymore

    at all or just for now?


    i know they havent for the last two months as tried myself so not sure... someone at wembley market sells them (or they did)


    what is thjis sim card what do u get....

    found this site where u can ask for a code

    i would love a code if anyone gets any


    on the offical forum some says to text FRIENDS to 82595

    here the post -…spx

    sorry to change the subject slightly...

    but does anyone know what blyk offer now? Seems they have change the free mins and txts to £15? this right? If so when did they change this and im guessing if you login you new balance says £15 rather than 213txts and 38 mins?
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