Wanted: Boxfresh Body Spray / Deodorant & Shower Gel / Shampoo

Found 4th Feb 2008
Until a few months ago, I regularly bought Boxfresh deodorant and shower gel/shampoo from my local Asda. It didn't seem to be on the shelves for very long though - a few months after I started buying it, it seemed to be removed from the shelves, or sold out.

I'm desperate to get my hands on some, but can't find it in any of my supermarkets or even find an online supplier.

Does anyone know where I can get my hands on this stuff again (for a reasonable price) please?

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Probably discontinued,eBay have a couple of items available if you don't mind buying from there.
I'm pretty sure Boots sell this
Yes, I've bought it from Boots in the past, you might get a gift set left over from Xmas at sale price?
Many thanks guys - I'll have a look in Boots tomorrow.

Any other suggestions are still welcome!
Sorry for the belated bump but my sister found the body spray on sale in 'Home Bargains' for 29p a can.

I used to buy the stuff from Asda until it disappeared too, unfortunately the fragrance has been changed.
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