Wanted - Call Of Duty 4 for the PS3

    Ideally want to pay at the most £25, but depends how quickly you can get it to me (or find it in a shop etc!)

    The PS3 Blu-Ray Disk needs to be totally unscratched, & the case + manual are required, all must be in very good condition.

    Please let me know.


    what about are they worth ordering from. do you need to pay extra vat on delivery? thanks in advance.

    I'm also after this, I should of thought ahead when there was that big sale in December.

    Original Poster

    Still haven't found a good price for this, surely someone must be sick of playing it! I'm happy to buy one 2nd hand ;-)

    i think you'll be extremely lucky getting it at £25 near perfect condition.

    Its also one of the best online games out at the moment and as PS3 online is free you may be waiting a while.

    The cheapest i have found it is £31.99 inc p&p
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