wanted Chainsaw

    does anyone have a Chainsaw for sale in peterborough area.
    please leave price you want and i get back to you if the price is fair thanks


    You doing a horror scene?

    nedd proof of age, cant sell sharp items to under 16.

    when did you last watch texas chainsaw masacre?:thumbsup:

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    Age 40 Need To Cut Down Tree In The Garden Have Ebay Account Tronic2009 With Good Feedback

    Unless you plan to use it regularly, cheaper to get man in.
    The small petrol (e.g. 35cc) or diy electric models are limited in their capabilities, and do not generally represent a good investment. However a 14" bar length will cut down a 2' diameter tree.

    [SIZE="2"]If you don't have chainsaw training, get some, please. [/SIZE]There are many potential dangers!
    Read (and study) the operator's and service manuals. be thoroughly familiar with your saw before you use it.

    [SIZE="2"]Never work alone[/SIZE], always have someone within sight or sound; have a 1st aid kit with large wound dressings to hand, as well as your mobile phone.
    Always use the full protective gear[/SIZE]; it's not worth the risk not to. ~ safety (chainsaw) boots, chainsaw trousers, helmet with visor and ear defenders.

    If you don't know how to assess, service, sharpen and maintain a chainsaw, find out. your life may depend upon it

    Many people will tell you not to purchase second hand. Unless you have expert knowledge I support this.
    [SIZE="2"]Be extremely wary of secondhand chainsaws[/SIZE]; sometimes essential safety features like the chain brake don't work. [SIZE="2"]Your life and limbs are worth more than a small cash saving[/SIZE]. Many commercial users sell on their chainsaws when they are knackered. Worn chains and bars can usually be replaced quite cheaply; but many secondhand saws may have lost compression.

    Always service and sharpen your saw before use; always clean it afterwards.
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