wanted, championship manager 03/04 disk

    has anyone got a cheap disk of championship manager 2003/2004 for sale.

    i drunkenly stepped on mine the other day and am gutted as this has always kept me occupied when bored.

    i kinow its really old but i think the latest ones have far too many options for when you just want to chill out.


    have got 2006 if thats any good?

    Original Poster


    have got 2006 if thats any good?

    no sorry im really after 03/04

    thanks anyway

    If you own the disk, download it from a torrent site, as its legal to replace what you already own.. its a small download too..

    PC World Cha,p man 99/00 (i know its not the specific one you after but its old) going to 47p boxing day.

    Hey mate, 01/02 is currently allowed as a free legal download and it has the 08/09 update

    I think its possibly the best champ game there is too, not too complicated and easy to play

    Hope is helps…eg/

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    thanks for your help everyone.

    going to go for the free download i think. :thumbsup:

    merry christmas
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