Wanted - cheap and simple flip phone

I'm after a new mobile phone for my mum. She wants a clamshell / flip though a slide might be okay. Nothing fancy to use but nice to look at. Not pink. And it's got to be easy to use, so I would say either Nokia or Sony Ericsson (she has a Sharp at the moment, but they don't really offer many phones these days).
Ideally it would be sim free or Vodafone as she's happy with her PAYG number.

And finally (this seems like such a long list!) it has to be new.

Any recommendations?



Moto V3. Cheap as chips (you can probably find a PAYG for under 50 quid), works great and fairly simple to use. My mum loves the one I got her for Xmas (although it is pink !).

in black, £36 from vodafone direct

or the pink one for just £20

There are silver ones available too. Ebay is another good place to look.

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Thanks B1ffa.

How does your mum get on with the keypad? My mum has a bit of arthritis so I don't know how she'd get on with the metal keypad....

She hasn't mentioned any problems with the keypad. The buttons are actually quite big on the V3 considering the size of the phone. I've had a Razr2 (V8) and a Nokia E70 (since I had a V3 myself) and both have more fiddly buttons than the V3.

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Excellent. Really appreciate your input. Maybe a late Father's Day present is called for (I'm away this weekend).

Thanks B1ffa
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