Wanted ----->Cheap Cool Laptop Stickers

    Hi, I was just wondering if any of you know where I can buy stickers that I can put on my school laptop because my laptop got lots of scratches and marks(I was new to the school so I was given an old one.) I got an Ergo Microlite 521 btw..



    Play sell them from about a fiver.…%2b

    If you have a Poundland nearby have a look in there I'm sure I see some in my local yesterday

    Beaten to it - but yes Poundland have had some cool designs for a pound

    I got an apple sticker with my ipod. When I stuck it on my laptop it doubled the value of it!

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    Cheers guys, shoulda look at poundland yesterday when I was in crawley lol :D.. and btw im looking for cheap ones because I dont wanna waste my money on stickers and I'm going to get a new one next year anyway.. :))

    @g1bbuk- Lots of people at school already have apple stickers on their laptop lol but I might just do that because I want to cover the white mark at the center of my laptop lol...

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    any more?

    The school gave you a my sons it a special course you are doing.
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