WANTED - cheap deal on an IPOD

    Sorry all but I'm not the most technically gifted of sorts.

    My wife is asking for an Ipod for her birthday but having never bought or owned one I wouldn't know where to start.

    The better half only wants it to wear on her arm as she trains at the gym so I don't need anything that does videos - just music only.

    Can anybody point me in the right direction on what size memory I need and where to go for a good deal.

    Thanking you in anticipation.


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    Thanks but would like to get one new.

    Usually Amazon have the best deals on them, the nano's have cases that can be used as arm straps, amazon sell those too as do HMV

    +1 for the nano, it's a great little compact ipod which is available in a variety of colours and even the smallest gb version can fit thousands of songs on it. They have specially designed armbands and fitness accessories for the nano, check out Amazon for the accessories.
    Another option might be the ipod touch, they are larger but she will be able to also download applications to do with fitness which she might enjoy. The touch is on offer at Argos at the moment if you look on the deals forum.

    i would push you in the direction of the shuffle, its small, its compact and great for the gym as you can clip it on anywhere
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