Wanted: Cheap Dedicated server

Hi there.. i'm needing a dedicated server for a new web project. Basically my shared hosting doesn' allow dedicated SSL so the only option I have is to go for a dedicated server.

I've seen fasthosts do a package from £60 per month but I was hoping that it was available cheaper elsewhere. Quidco i think do a £60 rebate and one month free with fasthosts.

Would appreciate any advice on dedicated servers as I'm quite new but I know it should be linux based as opposed to windows.

It would be nice to maybe even run a server from home but I'm not sure what upload/download speeds would be needed. I'm on O2 and currently get 15MB down/1MB up. (this can be changed to 13 down and 2 up if it's sufficient to run a server??)

thanks in advance


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Nobody has any advice?

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Ok, i found [url]www.serverpronto.com[/url] for $29 per month for the very basic package. Is Ubuntu good enough on it's own and will I need to take the firewall add-on?

and it's based in USA.. is this going to be an issue?

do you knwo what you doing, ie can you setup apache2, php etc...

try myservers.rapidswitch.com/Ded…spx they might set it up how you want but its an umanaged service.

oh one thing you might prefer if you just testing is a VPS, you basicly get a portion of a server but can still do everything a full server can,

ie somthing like switchlink.co.uk/ord…702

also check out forum2.co.uk for specials on these type of things

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thank you. I'll read up on the links you supplied. I don't know how to set up servers at all but willing to learn.. i have a few friends abroad that can help me remotely.

Only reason I want dedicated is so that I can have a dedicated SSL certificate rather then some poxy one supplied by streamline.net on my shared server.. ie/ . ssl01.streamline.net/432…44/mysite.com then that would probably be as good as i'll need.
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