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Found 11th Jun 2008

Re: Looking for a cheap digital camera

My daughter is off on a school trip for a week and i'm looking for a cheap digital camera
for her.

Instead of taking a disposable camera i thought i'd buy one of the cheapest digital camera you can buy.



Note that the memory that comes built in to most digital cameras is only big enough to hold a few pictures (often less than 10). So if she is going on a school trip you will need to buy an extra memory card, so be sure to add this to the cost.

Also many cameras come with AAA or AA batteries which run out very quickly. She will get through a lot of them on a school trip. Consider getting re-chargable batteries with a charger, so she can charge them up each night. Again you will need to add this to the cost.

I bought a cheap camera from Tescos Direct - it ha a phone battery - so stays charged for over a week ot os brilliant 7 mp and simple and easy to use and download its a Technika and ordered online got for about £27
Its much better than my daughters cameras and easier to use has video on it also Its model SH 7065 - just checked gone up in price now but I think I had a 20% off on here heres the link some others there that are pretty cheap dont forget to order a cheap £2.47 im and return to ship (that way you get free delivery) - also go through Quidco:thumbsup:

I am just looking at the Argos web site for digital cameras.

The cheapest they do is £40 (Hitachi HDC571).

But this camera does not have optical zoom, and if she is doing a school trip then optical zoom may be useful (for zooming in to a view or maybe a group of friends).

(Some cameras do have DIGITAL zoom but to be honest this is pretty useless and I would ignore it. Go for one with optical zoom).

The next cheapest is £49.99. The Kodak C613 has optical zoom, and uses AA batteries (last longer than AAA). Kodak cameras are usually very easy to use.

It uses SD memory cards (which are usually fairly cheap) and you will need to buy one of these as the built in memory in the camera is very small (16Mb).

As I said, also consider a battery charger.

Not saying the Kodak C613 is the best, but it gives you an idea of how much this "cheap" camera is going to cost.

£50 for the camera, say £10 for the memory card, and maybe £15 for a battery charger - so about £75 in all.


5mp Kodak camera, battery charger and 4 batteries, 4gb SD card, £50.75 which includes free supersaver delivery

You could shop around and get it cheaper probably but this all comes from one warehouse and should be stress free:)

ebuyer.com/pro…iew £23 for a 5mp is very good but like someone has already said you will need to buy a memory card these cost about £5 for 1-2Gb and will be enough for a week and rechargable battreys which you cna pick up for about £10 including charger. or you could go to £1 land and get 20 disposable batreys

see this thread
recommend getting one with a good rep for battery life.
I got a sony 5mp one last year - i have seen them for around £65 the battery life is incredible (lithium ion - rechargeable)
had an hp one once as well - battery lasted for about 100 photos - pathetic


Look at this thread, Got cold votes but for £17.99 you cant go wrong, and with free delivery!

also check this out - the fujifilm refurb shop

some good deals there for under £50
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