Need cheap fishing tackle , rods reels hooks floats,everything, for this christmas for my son, it would be a great present as would like to take him out on trips etc. any help would be appreciated thanks.


    Where are you? If near Cambridge I may be able to sell you some

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    Wakefield ukpbz

    mate you need to get yourself on ebay, cheap as chips for tackle on there. I got my self a shimano rod and reel on there last year for £40 as well. Everythings quite alot cheaper than tackles shops. Dont be tempted by argos tackle its rubbish. Although I have this from there which I would recommend this from there…htm

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    nice one mate. got rod and reel sorted just need loads of gear for when season starts again

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    good website mate , some good cheap deals. will be using it from now on cheers

    i have loads of fishing tackle here, 1x shakespeare box with trays & seat cushion, 2x galaxy rivas with trays, 4 or 5 rods inc a swimfeeder rod, 3 or 4 reels, landing net, keep net, net bag, rod rests loads of small hand tackle inc floats, galaxy riva float box that sits in top of box £150 for everything i'm in burnley

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