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Found 11th Mar 2007

Looking to buy a new cheap Laptop, northing special.


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what's yer max spend??

Laptops direct are good for prices in general

I have bleated about the Acer range on a number of threads and stand buy my conviction. They are a great bang for buck brand and have some really competetive equipment (look at the aspire range on laptopsdirect.co.uk). Their screens and build quality aren't Sony or IBM/Lenovo quality but they're far better than your Advents and Gateways.

Dell use their own memory modules as I have been told buy my company's IT department so you have to buy Dell modules to upgrade (i hate that and won't buy them on principle) however they are pushing out some fairly good deals as I understand.

As Currychops has said. Whats youor budget? More importantly what do you need/want to do on it? If you want a gaming machine its gonna be the factor that effects wether or not you can get a budget laptop in the first place. If not then its going to be an easier task.

Give us the lowdown on your laptop PCing needs and we'll be able to advise you further.
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