Wanted: Cheap PC scanner

    Im a bit of a photoshop nerd, but am struggling to create truly original pieces of art as i always seem to hit a brick wall when it comes to getting my pencil images onto the screen.

    A cheap scanner, not too shabby, no more than 40 pounds would be great, if anyone can help...


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    is it possible for this to be moved to deal requests?

    Yeah sure

    take a look here and get £10 off using google checkout on a £30 spend..I have a Canon and am pleased with the performance..and it doesn't have a power supply as it works from the USB socket..the Lide 70 is within budget..Epson also get good reviews.

    I agree with Currychops, the Canon Lide-70 looks a good scanner (I've used other LIDE models, very slim, well designed lid, quiet and the lack of external PSU is nice), as does the cheaper Lide-25 if you want to save a few quid.

    (Lide 25 is £27.69 del. via google-checkout and super-saver, Lide 70 is £40.24)

    Manufacturers webpage:…asp…asp

    Lide-70 seems to have generally good reviews on the internet; perhaps not the fastest but image quality and colour representation sounds good.

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    thanks guys

    You could always try [url][/url]

    Find one near you, and people give all sorts of stuff away for free! We've had a few scanners in Milton Keynes! Take a look...HTH :thumbsup:
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