Wanted; Cheap phone, but where I can still access the internet.

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Found 6th Jun 2009
Currently have an iphone 3g, but gonna have to cut down due to gambling debts. Can anyone suggest a decent phone that has an ok camera (2mp plus), good expandable memory (2gb upwards), good browsing settings for facebook, bbc sport etc under £40 or less?

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Also forgot to mention that I don't really fancy carrying a brick around lol.

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you could try this phone it was 50 back in its day but should be cheap now "Samsung E900"
The samsung u600 is 30 pounds using the 30 pounds off 60 pound spend

Yeah the samsung u600, is your best bet.
3.2mp camera, browser and large screen.
Has been out for a couple of years so is mega cheap:!:
Specs are here:

If you were willing to spend slightly more, there is the samsung g600 (which i have just recently purchased).
Has a 5mp camera and is basically the upgrade from the u600

This is £70 on play.

Hope this helps


I have a brand new MDA Vario2 for sale, which has everything you have asked for, except that its slightly over your asking price. Let me know if you want more information. :thumbsup:
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