wanted: cheap website hosting

    does any one know any good websites for cheap hosting with an official domain



    Whats your budget per month?

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    looking for around £8 so its less than 100 a year then

    Tried they do domains

    what you do is buy your domain name and then look for a shared hosting package! names need to be bough for 2 years, think the domain name company i use still sell them at $8.88 a year -

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    if i put games ive got the coding on to it and it becomes popular will i be able to buy ads to make it a profitable venture

    Kyle, don't take this the wrong way but how old are you? You need way more info than this to start anything other than a personal website or blog.

    The ISP will give you a contract with limits including file storage (size of files stored on the server) and transfer (the amount downloaded by visitors). They may also have restrictions on FTP and peer to peer transfers (like Limewire and Rapidshare). Even your own downloads can attract attention - I know a teacher who was thrown off his contract for downloading 8GB of torrents every night.

    Even if your website is totally legit and you own all the content, you will still face additional cost as it gets more popular because your customers will be hogging the bandwith of the ISP. This happened with a guy in London recently who built a website for his wife to strip off and dance about the bedroom (no... really) - she was a bit of a babe, word got around and she started doing requests - well he kept crashing his ISP's servers because everyone was trying to look see at the same time. I think he had to change providers 4 or 5 times in one year and finally bought his own server and paid for a large bandwidth. By this time he was taking in just short of 10,000 UKP a month in subscriptions so I guess he wasn't bothered.... bet his wife was a bit shagged though.

    Point is - you need to get some more informed help - talk to someone who runs computers, maybe your IT bloke at school/work. You need to know what you are getting into first.



    OH forgot... advertising

    Yes people are willing to put adverts on your web pages and Google would be the place to start, but, again there is a method to this. Most people will not pay for an advert on a minor website with very few visitors so you have to work hard FIRST to build these up First (with unique and interesting content) and then try the advertising - not the other way around.


    I have a Domain. Had Serif for a year & couldn't work out how to setup/use it.
    Anyone got an idiots guide to setting up a free website ???
    Oh, i'm 42 years old :-)

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    thanks MG for the adivce im 16 but im quite good on computers just finshed my first cisco ocr bassed cousrse and next term im on cisco ccna course im quite good at networking and starting the website ive done training in website design and game codeing so the games would all be mine and fine they are only small little anitmation games so i thought id be fine and
    thanks for info on the guy selling his wife but i wont be doing that for atleast a few years
    i do download files with bitorent but have set my own proxy up so should be safe to a certain extent i dont do it much anyways but thanks for all adive im going to take it slow and see what happens


    I have a Domain. Had Serif for a year & couldn't work out how to … I have a Domain. Had Serif for a year & couldn't work out how to setup/use it.Anyone got an idiots guide to setting up a free website ???Oh, i'm 42 years old :-)

    Can give you a few pointers, tips and some info if you are interested, let me know. I dont mind helping you get up and running
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