WANTED - Cheapest DVD Rs or RWs

    Hi all.

    These things are sold everywhere so can anyone please give me some advice on where the cheapest place is to buy them from please or any good deals you have found on them.

    Thanks in advance


    What quantity, and what are you using them for?

    As a general response to your question, try a computer market. I know Bowlers in Manchester plays host to probably 20 or 30 different media sellers. Last time I was there 100 DVD-R spindles were as cheap as £8. Obviously what you're using them for will determine what quality you should buy.

    Alternatively I picked up some decent ones in Maplin a few months ago for around a tenner for a spindle of 50.

    Try Cheap and reliable .

    Original Poster

    Thanks for replying to my post.

    Just need them for general consumer use really. Thought I'd buy 10 for now, no more. I recently bought a new laptop and it's asking to make a back up of the hard drive which is obviously a clever idea! It then tells me it will take either 20 CDRs or 3 DVDRs to save the back up. I will therefore buy some DVDRs but having never even searched for them before never mind bought them came up with my original question.

    Excuse my ignorance but can you copy music on DVDRs and play them on your car stereo for example or do I have to stick with CDRs for that? And if so would I get a lot more tracks on them?

    Thanks again for any advice.

    DVDR media will not play in a standard car stereo, you can put mp3s/music on them, and you'll get a tonne on them, but you won't be able to play them in a CD player. You'll find your PC (obviously), an Xbox, and other media centre devices can read mp3 from a DVD however.

    sainsbury instore have 100dvd + or - r for half price. just over a tenner. they are there own branded ones. burn ok i got some at the weekend. best price i could find.
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