Wanted - Cheapest Wii

    Anyone any ideas where the cheapest Wii is currently for sale or are they all near enuff same price. Also i keep getting emails about mobile phone contracts and you get a free wii is this a scam or what? cheers mike


    No quite few mobile stores will give you free wii or xbox with a 2 yr contract i believe. My advice go check it out in person in a mobile phone shop so you can deal with real person and read the small print. But i know lots have done this i know JAG communication and carphone warehouse have been running such promotions but domt know specifially what games consoles they offer and on what networks etc. Might be wise to check if you can upgrade your phone b4 contract ends as if you like my hubby you want new one in 6-9 months let alone 2 yrs

    I was told 2 months ago that the Wii was dropping in price last month ??

    As we all know it didn't, but is anyone 'in the know' ? Is there a price drop on the cards in the near future ?
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