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Found 22nd Feb 2010
I have twins boys and 2 cots, I after some beds that are same size as cots or slightly longer. Any ideas....I had to ask the greatest minds on the NET. I hope you can help....

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Hi, Home and bargains and B & M have the character beds that are about the same size as toddler beds for about £50 - 60

Ikea do some great extendable beds which can be increased in size from toddler - full size.

Hi, I've got boy/girl twins and when they came out of their cotbeds we got Ikea extendible beds which did the job perfectly. Very reasonably priced too!

These are great, from Ikea, about 80% the size of a normal single bed, so take up less room and you can use the underneath for storage:


If you want a second hand one, my little boy has just about grown out of his and we've got it for sale, let me know if you're interested.

Boots do them, Next and John Lewis are good places to get junior bed size bedding.

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