Hi,I currently have 225 points and i am finding it hard in my area to get any coca cola with the points on,I would be so gratefull if anyone has any which they are not using as my autistic son is after the world cup game and he is driving me crazy lol!!!
    I cant afford the £40.00 which it cost so would be extremely gratefull :)))) x


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    If you have any please could you pm me x

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    If you have any please could you pm me x

    need another 75 points

    all 2 litre bottles have the codes on them & the same with the 500ml ones so shouldn't make a difference where you live :thumbsup: i put all my codes on this morning othewise i would have let you have a few

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    I buy single cans or multi-pack cans of diet coke and they have not been on these for a few weeks now in my local area,only on some of the coca cola ones


    the can's themselves don't have the code, it's on the multipack box on the inside. as far as I've been able to gather the plastic wrapped multipacks don't have the codes.

    I had quite a lot of cards with the codes from couple of years back which I never got around to entering(sister used some while most just went in the bin), would prob of had a few hundred points. don't know why I never did but there you go, might have had enough for a 'free' game or something. I lost 33points as I didn't access my account for a couple of months, got 30 or so points at the moment.

    The cans do have codes on them under the ring pull but only the world cup ones & also the plastic packed multi packs sometimes have cards in the with codes on as well.
    Just go for a stroll on recycling day & collect some extra points

    The amount of money it takes to get 225 points could easily pay for the world cup game.

    In any case it is not £40, it is £25 in most places.
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