Wanted: Colour Laser printer ..seen this philips col/fax/wifi/scan/usb/ printer all for £139 inc postage..any good?

    Hi all,
    I believe ebuyer's been banned for self promotion but can someone tell me if this printer is any good ( Quality? Reliability Running costs?)

    Philips LFF6050W Multifunction Printer…763

    sorry can't work out how to post an image so heres a link…jpg

    Otherwise , anyone know of a reasonably cheap colour laser scanner printer with a small footprint.
    Fax capability would be a bonus.


    Have a look at [url][/url] though you'd be hard pressed to find an all in one colour with a small footprint at a cheap price.

    The philips printer you posted is not a colour printer.

    An important fact to consider is how much does the toner and other consumables cost.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the info , heading over to printland in a mo .
    How do you know it doesnt print in colour ?
    I've re-read the ebuyer blurb & didn't spot that fact

    If it printed in colour it would have said so on ebuyer page, plus you can only get 2 types of toner for it standard and hi capacity.

    Got my 6125_vn Xerox from here for a great price. :thumbsup:…=XE
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