WANTED: copy of Country Living September Issue 2008 & Lets grow Veg Magazine

    Hi Out there

    I have a request, I would like a copy of the Country living September issue, unfortunately it has been removed from the shelves and I cannt get old of a copy.

    I've after the Gardening page on raised beds.

    Does anyone have a copy they would be willing to send to me, I'm happy to pay & postage is usually around 90p with a certificate of posting.

    Also looking for any Grow your own / Lets grow Veg Magazines anyone wants rid of - thanks

    Thanks in advance


    Try calling WHS they used to get you back dated copies of most mags ?

    Original Poster

    thanks for that, I was hoping to assist someone in recycling their old magazines, rather than them end up in the recycling bin or worse.....but i really do want that particular edition, so I may end up doing that
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